Nowadays fashion is everywhere and everything is fashion. Imagine showing up with a non-outfit-matching pair of socks or even worse, the wrong shape of sunglasses. And to turn up the heat a little more, these days even our technology gadgets and accessories have to match and be as funky as our clothes.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join the Hama Dealer Days. Hama is a number one company specialized in consumer electronics, meaning they provide the hottest electronic equipment intended for everyday use. Or in human language: all kinds of smartphone and laptop essentials, pretty cool headphones and lóts more. Since I’m really into fashion and design, a very great place to be. Let’s take a peek to some of my favorite Hama gadgets for the summer!




Since our phone has become the thing our Instagram generation is never really parted from, a fashionable case definitely is an essential wardrobe must have. Personally I don’t need my phone covered by tons of glitzy sparkles and unicorns, but a little glam from time to time does not scare me off. Oh, did I already mention I’m amazingly clumsy and ‘cheap iPhone screen repair’ is my favorite Google keyword? So besides a pretty cool design, the perfect phone case has to survive a few drops.


IMG_1500 2.JPGHappy Plugs case, from €29,99



IMG_1492 2.JPGHappy Plugs earbud, from €24,99



IMG_1497 2.JPGHama case, from €12,99



IMG_1508 2.JPGHappy Plugs case, from €29,99



FullSizeRender 42.jpg




IMG_1609 (1).jpgHama case, from €14,99



IMG_1611 2.JPGWhite Diamonds case, from €19,99


Who said only our phone could enjoy a touch of modern elegance? Whether you’re a blogger, designer or just somebody who owns a laptop, anyone deserves a unique laptop look.


IMG_9999.JPGHappy Plugs laptop skin, from €24,99


Music please. I don’t know if it matches the ‘technology gadget’ category, but these superb speakers and headphones sure had to be on my list. A must have for music lovers and a major sore point for design fans.


IMG_1501 2.JPGMarshall speakers, from €199,-



IMG_1506 2.JPG




IMG_1498 2.JPGMarshall headphone, from €69,-



FullSizeRender 43.jpgUrbanears headphone, from €49,-



IMG_1502 2.JPG



IMG_1507 2.JPG


Looking for a great gift or just wanna treat yourself? Take a look at http://www.hama.com or visit your nearest retail store!


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