For a couple of years I’ve been living in #9000 and for multiple reasons, this town will always be important to me. Dear Ghent, first you were the city where I studied, used to party all night long and obtained a communication degree at your university. Later, when I became a student in Bruxelles, you stayed my home town. And of course Ghent, you’ll always be the city where I met the sweetest guy.

After some crazy months The Sweetest Guy and I decided to get a dog. Pretty cliché, right? Glad pug Henri was nothing like a cliché. A real comic, cutie and the biggest show-off. Besides his handsome looks and warm-hearted character, Henri loved to run marathons. Unfortunately my little studio wasn’t made for that. Therefor we started looking for a bigger place for the three of us. Oh, of course there were some other no-pug-related motives as well. A difficult house hunt could get started.

Finding an apartment that came up to all of our expectations wasn’t that easy. First we preferred living downtown, in the historic heart of the city. On top of that, sporty Henri needed a little outdoor place where he could chase his tail all day long. To make it even worse, there had to be this perfect vibe when entering. After visiting some places which weren’t completely what we were looking for, I started losing hope a little. But since this is a very happy ending story, we did find the perfect spot after all. Let’s take a peek!








My inner princess immediately fell in love with this place. Great windows, the perfect wooden floor, high ceilings and vintage chandeliers. Pinterest material much. The apartment has two floors. On the first floor there’s a living room and kitchen. We divided the living room into a dining area/working space and a chill place (king Henri’s favorite spot). The kitchen may be small, but it’s the ideal cozy cooking spot for both sous chef (Pieter) and chef.













































The ground floor provides two bedrooms, a bathroom and a little outdoor place which is perfect for sultry summer evenings. Our bedroom is spacious, simply decorated and has the prettiest original wooden beamed ceiling. Next to this chamber there’s a second multifunctional room, meaning dressingroom/work place/pug bedroom. Both rooms come to the hallway which leads to our bathroom and an authentic little wine cellar. Since we prefer drinking to collecting, you can drop the ‘wine’. Let’s finish here before everyone thinks I’m a boaster.









FullSizeRender 39.jpg



FullSizeRender 38.jpg






FullSizeRender 36.jpg


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