Just got back from a lovely getaway to Marbella. About half an hour from Málaga, Marbella definitely is the ideal Andalusian destination. Since a couple of years this city has become kind of my second home as well. Thanks to my father, who recently bought an amazing apartment over here (located next to the beach, hooray!), we can drop by several times a year. This time we stayed for a week. Obviously too short but still long enough to get tanned and pretty relaxed. For safety reasons pug Henri had to stay home this time. He might have gotten a little overheated after all.


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Located along the Mediterranean coast, Marbella is the place to be for good weather junkies. But that’s not it. What absolutely charmed me the most is the diversity of this city. We all know Marbella as Spain’s most glamorous resort town. Though every single local could tell you this place offers a lot more. Besides the luxury clubs of Puerto Banús, there’s a beautiful beach accompanied by small shops and cozy bars. On top of that visitors can get lost in the picturesque old town by strolling through many delicious restaurants.


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So how did we spend our holiday this time? Of course our trip wouldn’t be perfect if we didn’t plan a lot of tanning time on our schedule. Mission definitely accomplished. Unfortunately my boyfriend Pieter isn’t that much of a lazybones. For a couple of months he’s been training for a marathon in Sevilla later this year. So like many others he went jogging a few times alongside the amazing coastline. Since I’m not a sporty spice myself, I joined him once by bike. What actually means, me pedaling far behind and taking pictures of his ass.


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Our apartment is located 10 minutes from Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús is this luxury marina in the southwest of Marbella, known as a mixture of extraordinary nightlife, glorious yachts, splendid cars and numerous designer boutiques. Not completely our thing, but definitely worth seeing once.


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Beyond the shiny eccentricity of Puerto Banús, visitors can discover the pretty whitewashed old town or ‘casco antiguo’ framed by ancient Moorish castle walls. Here you can wander through narrow streets flanked by flower-laden balconies, picturesque fountains or the famous orange trees of Plaza de los Naranjos. Restaurants are amazingly refined over here and much less touristic than the eateries along the coastline.




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Halfway our trip my father had to fly back home. Since we were his personal airport drivers, we decided to do some sightseeing in Málaga as well. As one of the oldest cities in the world ánd birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Málaga can easily be called the cultural capital of the Costa del Sol. Besides the busy airport and beautiful historic centre, this city really is the place to be for tasty tapas and yummy cocktails.






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Longing for a spring break as well? Get a low-priced flight to Málaga and enjoy every side of Andalusia!



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