Let’s be honest. It’s been a while. But can I get away with a fashionably late quote? Last month has been crazy busy. And besides attending lots of summer parties, I’ve been combining my fashion education (and passion) with some fashion experience. These days you’ll find me at the prettiest store of my beloved … Continue reading FASHION BREAK



Nowadays fashion is everywhere and everything is fashion. Imagine showing up with a non-outfit-matching pair of socks or even worse, the wrong shape of sunglasses. And to turn up the heat a little more, these days even our technology gadgets and accessories have to match and be as funky as our clothes. A couple of … Continue reading #HAMAZING


  Milano. Often described as industrial, touristic and very expensive. A city with the kind of understated charm that takes a while to appreciate. High expectations? Not really. But since I’m a huge Aperol and pizza lover, I was quite looking forward to this trip. And to be honest, this Northern Italian metropolis pretty amazed … Continue reading 48H IN MILANO, A CITYGUIDE


For a couple of years I’ve been living in #9000 and for multiple reasons, this town will always be important to me. Dear Ghent, first you were the city where I studied, used to party all night long and obtained a communication degree at your university. Later, when I became a student in Bruxelles, you … Continue reading HENRI’S CASTLE


Am I the only one dreaming about dinner all day? For those who got inspired by my previous item and for all the foodies over there, good news. In this post I’d like to share some of Marbella’s finest restaurants. Andalusian cuisine always makes me think of gazpacho, iberico ham and tortillas de patatas. Don’t … Continue reading FOOD GUIDE // MARBELLA


Just got back from a lovely getaway to Marbella. About half an hour from Málaga, Marbella definitely is the ideal Andalusian destination. Since a couple of years this city has become kind of my second home as well. Thanks to my father, who recently bought an amazing apartment over here (located next to the beach, … Continue reading BONITA MARBELLA


Hooray! After Mercado Antwerp, Ghent has its own foodie heaven, and yes you can take this quite literally. Set in a 16th century chapel in the heart of #9000, the Holy Food Market definitely is an amazing addition to our beautiful city. When you enter, you feel the great vibe right away. With its unique … Continue reading HOLY MOLY